Chris Hutchison
actor, teacher of acting and movement


Review Excerpts
Shows @ The Alley Theatre, Houston, TX

A Behanding in Spokane
“Into this loopy mix, McDonagh throws his ace: Mervyn, the hotel's "reception guy" (Chris Hutchison). He's the most finely drawn of the play's quartet and gives its finest monologue, a non sequitur rant/prayer for salvation, love and bravery that must be heard to be believed. Gibbons, high school shootings and medals for saving lesbians get mixed up in Mervyn's untamable, psycho mind; he just wants something to happen so he can be a hero. Hutchison, so memorable a few seasons ago as McDonagh's Lieutenant, lets go completely in this role and delivers a bellwether performance that'll be hard to match this subsequent season.”
-D.L.Groover, Houston Press, September 8, 2010

“Chris Hutchison is [Carmichael’s] match as the perhaps even more perplexing Mervyn, the hopeless, sad-sack clerk, desperate for something to happen, no matter what.
Ostensibly easygoing and amiable, he casually reveals fantasies ever stranger and more destructive. Hutchison makes the role sing in this complex, richly nuanced, artfully understated performance.”
-Evans, Houston Chronicle, September 2, 2010


“Chris Hutchison gives a compelling performance as Bruno, a desperate prisoner who talks himself into a place on Herzstark's team to stay alive. When his starving character breaks down weeping at being allowed to eat a bit of sausage, it's almost too painful to watch.”
-Everett Evans, Houston Chronicle, June 1, 2010

“Hutchison and James Belcher (as a war-weary businessman) take full advantage of their sporadic opportunities to shine in supporting roles.”
-Joe Leyden, Variety, May 21, 2010

“The story is filled with thoughtful ideas, and this production with this strong cast (including ...Chris Hutchison as a prisoner) brings these powerful ideas to shining life.
-Lee Williams, Houston Press, June 3, 2010

Lieutenant of Inishmore
(YEAR-END BEST / Memorable plays that stole the stage)-
“Chris Hutchison led a scary-brilliant cast of crazy-as-a-coot Irish terrorists, each stupider than the last.”
-Everett Evans, Houston Chronicle

“Chris Hutchison's taut, wiry, husky-voiced Padraic seems capable of anything, with no conscience (except for that cat). convincingly distraught and unhinged once fears about his cat set in, and increasingly ominous as the action advances.”
Everett Evans, Houston Chronicle

August: Osage County
“Chris Hutchison scores as the comically pathetic, perpetually unemployed Little Charles.”
-Everett Evans, Houston Chronicle, February 24, 2011

“In the corner of the shop, Dennis (Chris Hutchison) sits, sly as a spider. Assistant? friend? Hanger-on?...the exceptional cast adds detailed subtext to the pencil-thin caricatures... Hutchison's Dennis is both clueless and oozing familiarity — Jackie doesn't know whether to hit him or kiss him”
-DL Groover, Houston Press, April 22, 2009

“The Alley Theatre's deftly staged, persuasively acted Houston premiere takes full advantage of the marvelous opportunities in Theresa Rebeck’s cunningly crafted suspense comedy.…Chris Hutchison makes Dennis the engine of the male trio's scheming. He's untrustworthy yet ingratiating - the wily, nervy con man so eager to score that he gets in over his head. ”
Everett Evans, Houston Chronicle, April 15, 2009

Peter Pan
The Jolly Roger's pirate crew is a deliciously motley sampler, from ...cadaverous Starkey to Chris Hutchison's bandolier-wearing munitions expert Alf Mason.”
DL Groover, Houston Press, October 13, 2010

A Christmas Carol
“Chris Hutchison brings quiet grace to Bob Cratchit.”
Everett Evans, Houston Chronicle, December 2009

Sherlock Holmes and the Crucifer of Blood
“Chris Hutchison's forthright, stalwart Watson is likewise fine, his ordinariness lending a nice balance to the teamwork.”
Everett Evans, Houston Chronicle

Death on the Nile
“As written, the husband is the less colorful side of the triangle. Yet Chris Hutchison makes a likably uncomplicated chap caught between two volatile personalities.”
-Everett. Evans, Houston Chronicle, July 2007

Subject to Fits, A response to Dostoyevsky’s The Idiot

“Chris Hutchison makes something memorable of the tragicomic Ippolit, a consumptive ineffectually toying with the idea of suicide in his last days.”
-Everett Evans, Houston Chronicle, January  26, 2007


"The way Hutchison makes geek jokes about playing in a grad-student rock band is only one stroke in a brilliant portrait, and Mr. Hutchison embodies him completely.
The relationship that springs up between him and Catherine is full of interesting shades and ambiguities."
- LAWSON TAITTE, The Dallas Morning News

Review Excerpts
New York, New York


“The actor’s commitment to the work shines through and makes this a worthy excursion into the past”
- Neil Genzlinger,  NY Times

“Yank (Chris Hutchison) has a stutter, but it just seems like a symptom of his bounding eagerness to express himself. Easy with affection and ruddy with health, he seems like our central character…
In Mr. Hutchison, the play has an anchor - his transparency and humor set the tone”
- Helen Shaw, The New York Sun

“…Seamless, lived-in ensemble work of the cast, particularly Chris Hutchison’s wry Yank…”
-Robert Simonson, Time Out NY

“the winning Chris Hutchison”
-Matthew Murray, Talkin

“Hutchison, who at times can bring to mind Jimmy Stewart, beguiles with his character’s Southern-tinged stutter…even as he allows his own temper to flare…comically touching”
-Andy Propst, American Theater Web

"When Supporting Players Shine"
“..the actor who dominated the show was a fellow named Chris Hutchison. He played Yank, the American soldier who engaged in a battle of wills with the Scottish soldier... Hutchison was perfect, giving a performance of grit, humor, and humanity. ”
-The Siegel Column, THEATERMANIA

“…Chris Hutchison in The Hasty Heart: …poignant characterization in the Keen Company production of John Patrick's play set in a British Army hospital in Southeast Asia during World War II.”
-The Best of 2004/TheaterMania’s editors identify the theatrical highlights of the year

MUSEUM with Keen Company
“...Having said that, I'd probably be going against my principles if I singled out any individual performances. So I will, just to show that there aren't any principles where contemporary art's concerned: ...Chris Hutchison as the most persistent photographer...“
Michael Feingold, The Village Voice, June 11, 2002
Other Regional

@ Capital Rep, Albany, NY

"Hutchison…in particular has a field day with his utterly wild character…his delivery and physical shtick are superb"
-Paul Lamar, The Daily Gazette

"In the high octane role…Hutchison strikes all the right keys as the inscrutable and nasty man with many problems."
-Robert Couture, WAMC Radio

"Hutchisons mysterious Limping Man is menacing, yes, but not altogether unsympathetic."
-Kathryn Ceceri


"Hutchison plays Don like he lives the role.  He perfectly balances Don's bitter and sweet sides, and his eccentric moments…seem absolutley natural."
-Micheal Eck, Times Union

"…a very convincing performance"
-Bob Couture , The Daily Gazette

"Hutchison finds dimension in a character who, through much of the play, is outrageous and unsympathetic, and lays down valid groundwork for a shift in personality…"
-Jeffrey Borak, The Berkshire Eagle


"wonderful work…just short of astounding…In Fuddy Meers Chris Hutchison plays an aggressive psychotic whose supressed violence is a source of great and surprising humor.  In Rounding Third,  he plays a socially inept man who is also aggressive, but in a touching way.  He is marvelous in each play and is clearly an actor with a future."
-Bob Goepfert, The Record
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