Chris Hutchison
actor, teacher of acting and movement


The Hasty Heart
  -Yank- Keen Theater Co. (Jonathan Silverstein, Director)
-Teacher-E.S.T. (Marathon)(Peter Maloney)
-Michael Wall-Keen Co. (Carl Forsman)
The Second Man
-Austin- Keen Co.
Whose Family Values
-Bruce Boyd-The Clurman, Theater Row (Phillip Rose)
As We Were Saying
-Jefferson-78th St. Theater Lab
Dreaming Through History
-Carl-78th St. Theater Lab
(solo/writer/performer) HereArtsCenter, One and Only Festival

THEATRE -Regional

Good People - Mike Dillon - Alley Theatre (James Black, Director)
As You Like It - Orlando - Alley Theatre (Gregory Boyd)
What We're Up Against (Premiere) - Weber - Alley Theatre -(Scott Schwartz)
Dracula      -  Harker -        Alley Theatre
The Seagull - Medvedenko - Alley Theatre -
Ether Dome
(World Premiere) - Bigelow - Alley Theatre (Michael Wilson)
A Streetcar Named Desire
- Stanley - Breadloaf
- Emperor Joseph II -  Alley Theatre (Jonathan Moscone)
  - Freddy Eynsford-Hill -   Alley Theatre (Anders Cato)
August, Osage County- Little Charles Aiken -Alley Theatre (Jackson Gay)
A Behanding in Spokane - Mervyn - Alley Theatre
Intelligence-Slave (World Premiere by Ken Lin)- Bruno - Alley Theatre
The Farnsworth Invention  -Cliff Gardner- Alley Theatre (David Cromer)
Mauritius - Dennis - Alley Theatre
The Man Who Came to Dinner -Sandy- Alley Theatre (John Rando)
The Lieutenant of Inishmore    -Padraic-Alley Theatre
Much Ado About Nothing     -Borachio-  Alley Theatre
A Christmas Carol     -Bob Cratchit-      Alley Theatre (Michael Wilson)
Arcadia                       -Chater-                    Breadloaf
Measure for Measure    -Duke Vincentio-        Breadloaf
Romeo and Juliet            -Tybalt-                  Breadloaf
Twelfth Night               -Sir Andrew-              Breadloaf
Fuddy Meers                -Limping Man-        Capital Rep
Spinning Into Butter   -Ross-         Theatreworks (Hartford)
Dinah Was              -Rollie-     Baltimore Center Stage/Milwaukee Rep. (David Petrarca)
A Midsummer Nights Dream -Bottom-    Guthrie (tour)  (Joe Dowling)
Joined at the Head  -Ensemble-  Pasadena Playhouse (Pamela Berlin)
Hamlet (w/ Mark Rylance)   -Ensemble- Pittsburgh Public  (Ron Daniels)
Three Sisters       -Fedotik-       Pittsburgh Public  (Bill Gardner)
Moon for the Misbegotten - Mike Hogan -  Pittsburgh Public


Kill The Poor  (featured)- inDIGent films – Alan Taylor, Director
Rose Garden (lead)- Keren Cytter, Director
Ed (Guest Star/top of show) - Adam Bernstein, Director
Chappelle’s Show- Bobcat Goldthwaite, Director
Guiding Light, All My Children  
Confessions:Two Faces of Evil, Precious Victims (Movies of the Week)

Anime /V.O.
Le Chevalier D’Eon
Red Garden
Legend of the Dark King
Training: University of Washington, MFA/Acting, Lafayette College – BA/English
Skills  Guitar/singer/songwriter, low-flying trapeze, combat, athlete, yoga, dialects
Curriculum Vitae

Christopher Hutchison


Lecturer in Theatre (Adjunct), University of Houston, 2010-Present.
Acting II-
Second semester of introductory progression, admission by audition.  Focus
on scene work, deepening and expanding Method-based vocabulary.  Elements of Movement and Voice/Speech.

Lecturer in Theatre (Adjunct), Cornell College, IA (Winter 2010).


Basic Acting-

Introductory course for Majors and Non-Majors. Stanislavsky, Meisner, M. Checkov. Progression from awareness/concentration, personalization, action/objective/obstacle, through scene study, monologues, and partnered scenes.  Includes elements of Movement and Voice/Speech.

Lecturer in Theatre (Adjunct), MFA Acting Program,
University of Houston, Houston, TX, 2009.


2nd Year Movement for the Actor - 

Introducing students to a variety of techniques and approaches to movement, designed to help the actor broaden the range of his/her instrument, overcome personal physical blocks and to assist in creating characters. Laban, Michael Checkov, Viewpoints, Skinner Releasing, Clown, Yoga.  
Visiting Instructor of Acting (Adjunct), Lafayette College, Easton, PA, 2005.
Approaching the Method -
Scene study, characterization, action/objective; included elements of voice/speech, 
      improvisation and movement. Work on a variety of modern approaches to Acting, 
from Stanislavsky to Mamet.  

Adjunct Faculty/Theatre, Breadloaf School of English, Middlebury, VT, 2003-2008.

A unique graduate/Masters English Program.  In addition to playing a role in the professional production, actors assist in the classroom daily, sometimes in traditional drama/acting/directing classes but also in many other non-traditional ways.  Comprehensive use of skills, including writing/adapting non-dramatic material, coaching one-on-one and small groups on Acting/Directing projects, working with fellow faculty to create a plan for each unique assignment.

Teaching Assistant, Prof. Robyn Hunt, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 1997-1998.

Intro to Acting I
Intro to Acting II
Intro to Acting III 

While pursuing MFA, taught a full year of the Introduction to Acting series to UW undergraduates, both majors and non-majors.  Progression from awareness/concentration, personalization, action/objective/obstacle, scene study, monologues, partnered scenes and a group performance of a cutting of a full length play, and including elements of movement and voice. Responsible for syllabus 
and some curriculum-related decisions, and all administrative and grading duties.

Drama Teacher, Saint John's School, Houston TX, 2012.
Theatre 1 and 2,
Director of Upper School Productions
Working with upper school students at Houston's top preparatory school.  Theatre 1 is an Intro
to theatre course stressing hands on experience. Movement, Voice and Space provide intro into work on Greeks, Shakespeare, and modern and contemporary works. Projects based on how to create what the plays demand from all artistic perspectives.
Theatre 2 is an advanced Acting class.  Stanislavsky, Atlantic Theatre based.

Teacher of English as a Second Language, ELS Language Centers, Los Angeles, CA and Seattle, WA. 1993-1996.

Classes from private/one-on-one to up to 15 students, from all over the globe.  Beginner to advanced classes in vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing, through idiom and advanced test prep at a private language school.



Principles of Suzuki Method, Cornell College, IA 2010.

Introduction to Suzuki method for advanced undergraduate actors in a highly
regarded program.  Slow-motion work, spheres of awareness, light stomping, 
body control.  Including elements of Voice and Viewpoints.

Script Analysis, Alley Theatre, Houston, TX 2009.

Creating, implementing and teaching an introductory adult course in the Alley’s
Special Programs project. Taught script analysis, scene study/presentation
and basic dramaturgical techniques.

Movement, Alley Theatre Young Performers Studio, 2010.
Worked with students of diverse socio-economic backgrounds on using their bodies
creatively and imaginatively toward a goal of creating a new work.  Elements of dance, Suzuki, Gratowski.  Grades 4-12.

Guest Director, Lafayette College.
Eric Bogosian’s, Suburbia (Studio Theater) 2001.

Edward Albee’s, American Dream (Studio Theater) 2003.

Kaufman and Hart’s, You Can’t Take it With You (Main Stage) 2005.

Fight Choreography
Big Love- Breadloaf, VT 2006.

Twelfth Night - Breadloaf, VT 2007.
A Streetcar Named Desire - Breadloaf, VT 2011.

Education and Training    
MFA Acting, University of Washington PATP, Seattle, WA, 1999.  

Acting, Voice(Linklater)/Speech, Movement, Singing, Dance, Alexander Technique, Clown, Viewpoints, Combat.  Faculty included Mark Jenkins, Steve Pearson, Robyn Hunt, Judith Shahn, Cathy Madden, Scott Hafso, Yuri Belov, and Valerie Curtis-Newton.
While emphasizing Suzuki training  (via Kenji Suzuki’s version of Tadashi’s training) as its core, program incorporated Meisner, Viewpoints and classic Clown, seeking
the creative and practical meeting point with a Stanslavskian approach.
Thesis:  TRIP; a solo project of my own design.  Writer, performer, director. (Show was later selected for production by HereArts Center’s “One and Only” festival in New York City.)

AB English, Lafayette College, Easton, PA, 1991. 
English Literature from Chaucer to Toni Morrison, including Theatre History, Modern Drama, World Drama/Performance Styles. 
Awards and Commendations:
I. Clinton Kline Award: for outstanding contributions to the theatre.
Gilbert Award: for excellence in English.
ACTF/Irene Ryan Scholarship National Finalist

National Theater Institute @ Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, New London, CT, 1989.
Acting, Voice/Speech, Movement, Dance, Singing, Mask, Playwrighting, Directing, Design. Faculty included Morris Carnovsky, Richard Digby-Day, Peter Lobdell, Skip Mercier, Bob Cole, Michelle Bach, Sal Pernice.

British American Drama Academy (BADA), Oxford, UK, 1990.  Acting. 
Shakespeare, Shaw and Chekov.  Teachers: Toby Robertson, Alexander Kalyagin.  Guest lecturers included Fiona Shaw, Jeremy Irons, and Maria Aitkin, Derek 
Jacobi, Bryan Cox.

Experimental Theatre : Ping Chong/Fiji Theater Co. 1990.

Linklater Technique Intensive with Natsuko Ohama, LA, CA, 1993.

Member, Resident Acting Company, Alley Theatre, Houston, TX 

Yoga - Fourteen years of personal study and practice of Vinyasa, 
Hatha/Iyengar yoga; Los Angeles, Seattle and New York City, with various teachers.

Professional Stage


Play             Role            Location        Director

As You Like It -  Orlando  - Alley Theatre - Gregory Boyd
The Foreigner -  Owen Musser - Alley Theatre - James Black

Good People - Michael Dillon - Alley Theatre
Dracula    -   Jonathan Harker   -  Alley Theatre

Antony and Cleopatra - Enobarbus - Houston Shakespeare - Leah C. Gardner
As You Like It   -  Touchstone -   Houston Shakespeare -  Marc Masterson
You Can't Take It With You  - Ed -   Alley Theatre  - Sanford Robbins

The Seagull      - Medvedenko -   Alley Theatre -
The Seafarer       -  Nicky -        Alley Theatre
What We’re Up Against (World Premiere)- Weber- Alley Theatre- Scott Schwartz 

Ether Dome (World Premiere)- Bigelow-  Alley Theatre-Michael Wilson
A Streetcar Named Desire - Stanley -     Breadloaf
August, Osage County - Little Charles - Alley Theatre
Pygmalion - Freddy - Alley Theatre -    Anders Cato
Amadeus - Emperor Josef II   - Alley Theatre - Jonathan Moscone
A Behanding in Spokane - Mervyn - Alley Theatre -James Black
Peter Pan - Alf Mason -  Alley Theatre - Gregory Boyd
Almost, Maine - Steve - Stages Rep, Houston, TX
Intelligence/Slave (Premiere) - Alley Theatre - Jackson Gay

Our Town -Sam Craig-Alley Theatre -Gregory Boyd
Sherlock Holmes...*- Watson - Alley Theatre
The Farnsworth Invention - Cliff Gardner - Alley Theatre-David Cromer
Mauritius* - Dennis - Alley Theatre - Scott Schwartz        
The Man Who Came to Dinner - Sandy - Alley Theatre - John Rando

A Christmas Carol- Bob Cratchit - Alley Theatre - Michael Wilson
Cyrano de Bergerac* - Valvert - Alley Theatre
Twelfth Night     - Sir Andrew Aguecheek - Breadloaf Ensemble,Middlebury, VT
Othello *-Montano - Alley Theatre
Lieutenant of Inishmore* - Padraic -Alley Theatre

Arsenic and Old Lace (w/ Dixie Carter) - Klein - Alley Theatre
Death on the Nile*    - Simon Mostyn - Alley Theatre
Treasure Island (Premiere) - Hazard et. al - Alley Theatre
To Kill a Mockingbird*-  Boo Radley/ Walter Cunningham - Alley Theatre
Subject to Fits (Response to Dostoyevsky’s, The Idiot)-Ippolit- Alley Theatre

Much Ado About Nothing    -Borachio - Alley Theatre - Scott Schwartz
Big Love - Constantine - Breadloaf Ensemble- Alan MacVey
Witness for the Prosecution  - Clerk of Court- Alley Theatre
Orson’s Shadow- Sean - Alley Theatre - David Cromer
The Pillowman*- Father - Alley Theatre

Hapgood- Merriweather - Alley Theatre
Romeo and Juliet*- Tybalt - Breadloaf Ensemble

The Hasty Heart - Yank - Keen Co., NY, NY
Measure for Measure - The Duke -Breadloaf Ensemble
Fuddy Meers    - Limping Man -Capital Rep, Albany, NY
Rounding Third- Don - Capital Rep 
Proof     - Hal -    Alley Theatre

Ashes to Ashes- Devlin- Breadloaf Ensemble
Arcadia - Ezra Chater - Breadloaf Ensemble
Whose Family Values - Chris - Clurman, Theatre Row, NY, NY 
Spinning Into Butter    - Ross - TheatreWorks,Hartford, CT    
Museum- Michael Wall -Keen Co., NY, NY - Carl Forsman
Lark (Premiere)- Teacher - Ensemble Studio Theatre - Peter Maloney
As We Were Saying (Premiere)  - Robert - 78th St Lab, NY, NY

Dinah Was- Rollie - Milwaukee Rep - David Petrarca                                    
 “                  “           Baltimore Center Stage

TRIP (Solo Show) self-written/performed - Selected for production by HereArts Center “One and Only” Festival, NY,NY
The Second Man - Austin -Keen Co., NY, NY - Carl Forsman
 A Midsummer Night’s Dream- Bottom -Guthrie Theatre/Tour - Joe Dowling

Dreaming Through History (Premiere) -Carl - 78th St Theatre Lab, NY, NY
Kenny’s Window (Premiere)-Bucky-Seattle Children’s-Linda Hartzell

A Midsummer Night’s Dream - Oberon/Theseus -     Idaho Rep
The Outfit (Premiere)    - Walter - Idaho Rep

The Dumb Waiter- Ben - Hungry Mind Ensemble, LA, CA
Short plays by Tennesee Williams - Hungry Mind Ensemble, LA, CA

Joined at the Head-Ensemble -Pasadena Playhouse, CA-Pam Berlin 

       “                          Poway Arts Center, San Diego, CA
                                  Lobero Theatre, Santa Barbara, CA

Fascist Video    - Zog -    Hungry Mind Ensemble, LA, CA
Suicidal Comedy (self-written one act) - Carl - Hungry Mind Ensemble

Moon for the Misbegotten    - Mike- Pittsburgh Public
Three Sisters    - Fedotik -Pittsburgh Public - Bill Gardner

Hamlet (w/ Mark Rylance) - Ensemble - Pittsburgh Public - Ron Daniels
Saint Joan - Dunois -Muhlenberg Summer Theatre
                        (*Denotes Fight Captain)

Developmental Workshops include:
People Be Heard - Playwright’s Horizons, NY, NY       Les Waters
Poet/Playwright Series - Vineyard Theatre, NY, NY.
Cape Cod Theatre Project - Portsmouth, MA     Ethan McSweeny,
Exposure (w/ David Strathairn) - Marymount Manhattan, NY, NY.

Kill The Poor
All My Children
Guiding Light 
Chappelle’s Show
Precious Victims (MOW)
Confessions: Two Faces of Evil (MOW)
Unsolved Mysteries

Voice Over/Anime
Appleseed: Ex Machina (lead)
Ghost Hound
Red Garden
Le Chevalier d’Eon 

-Commercial V.O.’s for numerous products including national radio campaign for Zantac.

The Home for Elder Artists - Benefit performances/readings 
for an unusual, not-for-profit senior residence in Manhattan 
for women and men in the arts where, rather than "retire", 
they would continue to engage in a working relationship with the city whose cultural life their presence enriches.


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